French Fries War


French Fries

Sidney B'Hymer, Contributor

Today I chose to write about french fries from different places. I chose it because french fries are one thing most people like when they go to a fast food place. Today we will be talking about friendliness, price, time to wait, and taste.

Braums got 2 stars in friendliness because it was a place that wasn’t that nice. They didn’t really pay attention to us and just weren’t that kind. The fries didn’t seem that fresh and just weren’t the best flavor. Also, one bad thing is that it took the longest to get our food which took 2 minutes and 56 seconds. One good thing is that it was the cheapest at $1.59. Braum’s had the second-largest fries and the best amount of salt. They weren’t that crunchy either.

The next restaurant we will be talking about is Burger King. They got 4 stars for friendliness. They asked us how our day was and it was the only place that asked us if we wanted any dipping sauces and were overall kind. Burger King took 2 minutes and 16 seconds which is the second longest. Also, it was the second cheapest at $1.79. Burger King had the crunchiest fries. They didn’t have enough salt though.

Now we will be talking about McDonald’s. This place was not that friendly and kind of had an attitude. And, like in Braum’s, they didn’t really pay attention to us. They got 2 stars for friendliness. They were the fastest place with a whopping 8 seconds. But, it cost the most at $2.49. This place has very small fries and they weren’t that crunchy. They had a good amount of salt though.

Overall, Burger King has the best fries, friendliness, and price. Braum’s got 2nd place because they weren’t that crunchy but they had a good amount of salt. McDonald’s got 3rd place because they weren’t crunchy and they weren’t that friendly. So, if you get the chance to go to Burger King make sure you get the fries. But, if you get the fries, ask for some salt.