Different Parts Of Art


Here Are Some More Parts Of Art

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

Art is an amazing thing, not just for entertainment but also to help you relax and calm down. I know a lot of people like to make art, but not everyone knows all the art they can make. So I am here today to tell you about the types of art you could create. I will also tell you some things you need to get to make this type of art.

1. Painting is one of the most basic types of art that most people know about. This is also one of my favorite types of art to create. Painting is basically when you apply paint or some media onto a flat surface such as a canvas and the media is usually applied with a brush. Some famous artists who created paintings were Leonardo da Vinci who made the “Mona Lisa”. Most people know Leonardo for making this. But there is also Vincent van Gogh. He made the famous painting called, “Starry Night”. One last famous painter is Georges Seurat and he made a painting that you may not recognize for its name but for the painting itself. This painting was called, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” (search this painting on google and you will know what painting I am talking about). If you would like to try painting you can buy a simple canvas, Apple Barrel paint, and some brushes (these can be found at Walmart or Hobby Lobby).

2.This next beautiful type of art is sculpting. This one can be a bit more difficult depending on what you create, but can also be fun to do if you want to make something 3D. Now sculptures can vary from making mugs and cups to making actual people out of clay. The basic idea of sculpting is that you take some type of clay and create anything 3D out of it so it can stand. Some famous people who created sculptures were Michelangelo; he created “David”. Another one is Gianlorenzo Bernini who created “Pluto and Persephone ” and last was Auguste Rodin who made “The Thinker ” which some people may recognize a bit. ( Though WARNING if you were planning to search for any of these pieces of art, they are very inappropriate so I advise you to not but don’t say I didn’t warn you). Now, if you want to try making sculptures for the first time, I would recommend buying air dry clay and any type of paint to make it look pretty.

3. That type of art is literature. This part of art is something most people didn’t really think was a part of art but it is. ( I know some people may be confused about how this is art, but people say writing is creating art with words. I know people will still be confused about that but it’s fine). Literature is a very simple conflict of writing something with a deep expression that could be more important than it seems. Some famous people who made these types of writings are William Shakespeare who wrote “to be or not to be that is the question”, William Faulkner who wrote “I am not crying now. I am not anything”, and then also Henry James who wrote, “Three things in human life are important, the first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind”. When creating literature you really don’t need much. You could make a document on your computer, write on your notes app on your phone, or old fashioned paper and pencil. If you are ready to share, check out 15 Websites And Apps For Creative, Fiction, and Short Story Writers To Post Their Works Online.

4. This next part of art is music and we find music everywhere we go so I know no one would not know what I am talking about here. This part of art is probably my favorite and I know this will be some people’s favorite too. To give a basic description of what music is, it is the idea of making a melody or rhythm with your voice or instrument to please the ear. Some famous people who make music are Micheal Jackson who made “Billie Jean”, Queen made “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and Neil Diamond who made “Sweet Caroline”. If you want to make some amazing music like these people, you could start by writing some songs on a piece of paper or some device and then if you aren’t much of a singer then you could try learning how to use some type of instrument and make music that way.

5. The last part of art is the art of theater. Theater could involve music too and it is pretty fun to do. Theater is confusing sometimes because it includes moving, talking, and music to make it all come together and make an amazing performance. Most schools make theater performances, which are called plays. Students first have to audition for parts and see if they get the part they want. In acting, you can also create movies and short films too. Some people who do acting are Ryan Reynolds in the film “Deadpool”, Jennifer Lawrence in the film “The Hunger Games”, and Robert Downey Jr. in the film “Iron Man”. If you want to start acting you could either try applying for a play that is going on or even try writing a script for your own film or play. It is also helpful to get a class in theater so you know even more about acting.

Art can truly be all around us even if we can’t see it. It can be a very beautiful thing to have fun with, but also to express yourself and your emotions. The types of art I talked about were painting, sculpting, literature, music, and theater so it might be fun to try one of those things out. It is always fun to try and find something you could eventually be interested in. A website you might want to look at if you’re interested in learning more about any of these topics is What Are the 7 Different Forms of Art?