Freddy’s vs McDonald’s

Freddys vs McDonalds

Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

Did you know that there are over 38,000 Mcdonald’s in over 100 countries? Bet you didn’t. I have decided to review McDonald’s and Freddy’s to see which one is better. And I will be reviewing their chicken, fries, and wait time.


To Start off, I will review their chicken. 

The chicken from McDonald’s was somewhat hard to chew through and there were some chunky bits. The chicken from Freddy’s had the right amount of chewy and crunchy. Not too crunchy or chewy it was just like how I normally like my chicken. Overall for McDonald’s, I would give them a 2.5/5, and for Freddy’s, I would give it a 5/5.


Now, I will review the Fries.

The fries at McDonald’s were nice and salty, but they were harder than I like. The fries at Freddy’s had great seasoning, they were in the middle of chewy and crunchy and that’s how I normally like them. For McDonald’s, I would rate their fries a 4/5, and for Freddy’s, I would rate the fries a 5/5.


Finally, I will review the wait time.

The wait time for Mcdonald’s was 30 mins. And the wait time for Freddy’s was about 23 mins. I would rate McDonald’s wait time a 4/5, and I would also give a 4/5 to Freddy’s. Both places were really busy. So this round was a tie.

Even though these are both great establishments, the clear winner has to be Freddy’s. And lately, I have noticed that Mcdonald’s hasn’t been serving the best food, at least for the chicken. But there are many things other than chicken from Freddy’s. Here is a menu to look at other foods you can get.