Fries Around Town

Sidney, Brylee, and CJ are human fries.

Sidney, Brylee, and CJ are human fries.

Maddex Gurley, Contributor

Do you know who makes your favorite fries? Have you wondered what fries are like at different restaurants? Read this to know my opinion and additional information about fries at different restaurants in Emporia.


Number 5 is Taco Bell. Their nacho fries are good but not too good. They are fries with nacho stuff on them and you dip them into cheese. The best thing about them is that they are red, red is my favorite color. The worst thing about them is that they are cold when you get them.


Number 4 is Spangles. Spangles fries are really crunchy. They have an outer crust that is crunchy but on the inside it is soft. The best thing about Spangle’s fries is that they are crunchy. Most fries are soft but Spangles are crunchy. The worst, just like taco bell, is that they come out cold most of the time.


Number 3 is Braums, Braum’s fries are good fries. They have the perfect crunch and are a little soggy. The best part about Braums is that the fries pair up with the other food and make a superfood! One bad thing is that they get cold the second they take them out of the fryer; they can not hold heat. 


 Number 2 is Freddys. I’m sorry but I had to put you second. This is why your fries are nice. I like how they are little and slim. The best part about the fries is you can stuff them into your mouth by handfuls. The worst part about them is they run out so quickly, it’s like they need a jumbo size!


Number 1 is McDonald’s, McDonald’s fries are a dream come true and they are so hot they smoke. The best thing about Mcdonald’s fries are that they can be eaten without a rush. The worst thing is that they taste so bad after being microwaved…but I never have leftovers.

That was my list. If you don’t agree then you shouldn’t have read this. These are places around Emporia. If you want to try some, you can just drive around and find one. Don’t forget to ask for ketchup.