The Positions In Soccer


Soccer ball

Sidney B'Hymer, Contributor

Did you know more than 250 billion people play soccer in the world? I am one of them. If you are someone who plays, or just heard of it, you first need to know the positions. In this story, you will learn about the positions in soccer and some famous players.

First, we will be talking about goalies. The goalie is the only one on the field that can use their hands. They are the ones blocking the ball from going into the net. They are at the goal the other team is trying to score at. Two famous goalies are Guillermo Ochoa who plays for Mexico and Andre Blake who plays for Philadelphia Union.

Second, we will be talking about defenders. The defenders are the ones that mainly help the goalie and guard the forwards against scoring. The defenders are in front of the goalie, but behind the midfielders. They are mostly on the half of the pitch that the other team is scoring on. Two famous defenders are Éder Militão who plays for Real Madrid and Walker Zimmerman who plays for the United States.

Next, we will be talking about midfielders. Midfielders are playing defense and offense the whole game. They are running down the field to score goals and play defense. They play in front of the defenders but behind the forwards. Two famous midfielders are Kevin De Bruyne who plays for Manchester City and Toni Kroos who plays for Real Madrid.

Lastly, we will be talking about forwards. Forwards are the ones scoring most of the goals. They mostly stay in front of the midfield and in the attacking half. Two famous forwards are Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Saudi and Lionel Messi who plays for Paris Saint-Germain.

My favorite position is midfield because you get to play defense and offense. Scoring goals is fun, but I like to defend. If you are someone who doesn’t like to run as much but still wants to be a midfielder, you can be a defensive mid. One of my favorite players is Erik Thommy. Here is one of his highlights. Highlights