Things To Know About South Korea


This is a picture of what you will get at most Korean Barbecue places.

Lucia Hernandez, Contributor

South Korea is a country located on a peninsula branching off from China. People who live there might not know what it’s like here and we don’t know much about living there, but we’re still important. Things there are very different from here in the US. Here are a couple of things to know about South Korea from somebody who has lived there for a few years, Miss Bean.

How safe is South Korea? “South Korea is actually pretty safe! There is not much crime at all, and almost no crimes that involve guns or weapons.” It’s interesting to think about the fact that a lot of other countries, including South Korea, don’t allow guns but the US does. What if you’re lost or don’t know where you are? Here’s what Miss. Bean has to say, “ Another thing that made me feel safe in South Korea was that you could always find someone who spoke a little bit of English since they study it from a young age in schools. If I was lost or confused about something, I could normally find someone to help me.” After reading this it’s obvious that there’s not too much to be afraid of in South Korea.

One of the best things about going to a new country is learning about what they do differently. What’s something normal here that would be weird in South Korea? “ Most of the time in restaurants and even people’s houses, they don’t have furniture or chairs like we do. There are pillows on the floor and the tables are really low to the ground, and people sit cross-legged.” This is a great example from Miss Bean. Even small things like sitting cross-legged on a small pillow shows the little things another country might do.

What’s something fun to do in South Korea? Miss Bean explains here a different variety of things to do just in nature, “There are lots of mountains and nature trails, plus you can go to the beach or a hot spring spa.” But there’s even more to that too, “but there are also just fun things to do in everyday life like hanging out with friends doing karaoke or shopping or going to the coffee shop.” This shows how in South Korea you can have fun out in nature and inside with your friends.

Food is different everywhere around the world. What’s a food in South Korea that’s a must-have? Here’s a recommendation from Miss Bean, “I really recommend Korean Barbecue! It is delicious and a really cool experience because you normally get to cook the meat on a little grill in the middle of the table.” There are lots of things to try, but Miss. Bean Explains that every dish has one thing in common, “All Korean food is served with rice and kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) and lots of vegetable side dishes.” Lots of countries have big and small traditions, and this is just one of them.

South Korea is very different from the US. Learning about other countries is important. It is good to be aware of other people from different places, like South Korea. Koreans might do things differently from here but that doesn’t make them any different from anyone else in the world. Here’s a Recipe for a Korean dish that you can try. Who knows, it could be your new favorite food. (CHICKEN BULGOGI (KOREAN BBQ CHICKEN)