Squirrel Tastic

The squirrel from story

The squirrel from story

Maddex Gurley, contributer

Have you wondered why squirrels live in trees? Have you thought about whether a squirrel will attack you or not? Then this is the story for you.

 Squirrels Are like humans, they are nice till you bother them. My brother kicked a ball over to a squirrel and it chased and attacked him. They also can be nice. I saw a video online where a squirrel gave a girl a pacifier she lost at the zoo!

Squirrels live in a lot of different places like trees, under stuff and in places people can’t get to. They live in trees because they want to feel safe from predators. Some squirrels live in places that are not trees, they live in other places because there are no trees around.

Squirrels eat a lot of things and here are some of them. Squirrels like Oreos and they can eat them without being sick. Another thing is peanut butter. They will go crazy. they also like strawberries, and their favorite is peanuts.

That’s what you need to know about squirrels. If you liked this story, you’ll like my other stories, they are squirreltastic.