What Would You Ask A Famous Person?


What would YOU ask a famous person?

Lucia Hernandez, Contributor

What would you ask a famous person and why? I’m interviewing my mom Juana Hernandez, my sister Noemi Hernandez, and my cousin Isaac Munoz to find out what they would ask. Here’s what they said:
Noemi Hernandez: “Chicken tenders, or chicken strips? I would ask Chicken tenders or chicken strips because they’re not the same thing even though people think they are.”
Juana Hernandez: “I would just ask a random question to see their reaction”
Isaac Munoz: “I would ask Hitler why he did all the terrible stuff cause he killed like 50,000,000 people for no reason. Wouldn’t you want to know why someone would do that?” After asking some of my family members these questions, it’s clear to see they’re all very different people and I appreciate all of them for different reasons.