Historical Places In Turkey


A view inside The Blue Mosque

Lucia Hernandez, Contributor

History is fascinating. Thinking about the fact that people lived long before us and we don’t even know the full story is very intriguing. The fact that they had no idea that people would ever live differently in the future is kind of weird. We’ll probably be the same, but, hopefully, people in the future will be able to figure out our stories using clues just how we’re learning about people in the past from what they’ve left behind. I recently read a book that takes place during the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. Because of this, I decided to look at some historical places around Turkey. Here are a few historical places in Turkey you can visit.

The Sultanahmet Mosque or the Blue Mosque was built between the years 1609-1617. This took place in Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey. It was built as a competition against the Hagia Sophia Mosque, right across from the Sultanahmet Square. A Mosque is a place for Islamic people to worship their god, Allah. The Blue Mosque is a palace-like building decorated with blue tiles and other blue accents. Visit this website to learn more about the Blue Mosque.

The Cappadocia Underground Cities are located in the citadel of Kaymakli. Nobody knows the real reason why these were built but there are many possible reasons for the construction of these underground cities. People believe they were built during the eighth and seventh centuries BCE. Some people believe they were built for protection from war. You can learn more about these hidden cities here.

The Basilica Cistern is the largest ancient cistern that was built under Istanbul, Turkey. The cistern was built in the year 532. A cistern collects rainwater for households and other things that might need it. They can be found underground, on rooftops, or they can be stand-alone structures next to houses. They keep little water in the Basilica Cistern so people can still go and visit. If you ever think about visiting, you can check this link.

Turkey really is a great country with beautiful places to visit. Those places are historical places, religious places, natural attractions, and even more. Unfortunately, the country was hit by a very severe earthquake recently and many people have lost their lives. This article states the damage and how you can help the people in Turkey.