An Interview With Sam

Sam do be thinking 👀

Sam do be thinking 👀

Braden Irwin, Contributor

I got a chance to interview Sam Ralston, (the goat). He’s amusing. You should really get to know him (I’m not being held against my will to say this).

Q: Do you have a movie that you can’t stop watching?

A: Yeah, it is The Muppet Movie

Q: What is your favorite song

A: Murders by Miracle Music

Q Have you ever lied about seeing a movie

A: Yes, End Game

Q: Have you ever been to a live concert

A: No 

Q: If you were to go to a concert, what would it be

A: Definitely a Queen concert

Q: If you could have any car, what would it be

A: Any car with pop-up headlights

Q: What is your opinion on world studies

A: Very great


Sam is something else. If you see him in the hallway say hello. He is really funny like I said and has good taste in whatever you want to talk to him about.