Imagination Appreciation Month


This is when all these things will happen

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

In the month of Imar, people hear BOOM as fireworks explode across the galaxy. While kids cheer and laugh at the beautiful colorful lights that are meant to celebrate them and their families and those who live in this universe.

Carl Sagan once said “You have to know the past to understand the present” and I agree. You have to know how my universe was born to understand what goes on today. So, the way my universe was created and why we celebrate this great month is because in the year 2009, a girl was born and she was made to be the queen of this universe. She started off with simple imaginary friends like dragons, fairies, or just creatures that don’t seem completely known. Though she got older, the more she saw. Oand one day she fell asleep and decided to create a story in her head. Sand she saw 10 planets lined up and all of a sudden a whole universe was created. This day was her birthday so every year people celebrate this whole month because it was the month they and the galaxy were created.

The month Imar is dedicated to appreciating imaginary friends and no celebration doesn’t come with games and fun activities. One tradition for everyone to do every year is to make their imagination come to life. This is where people put their hands together while imagining and creating the person they think they were this year. So, if you were mean and hurtful but still brave and fearless, you may create a lion that represents you. Or if you were kind, sweet, and creative, you may create a fairy. It just depends on who you think you are. This must be done before the last day or the next year you will be the same as you were last year. More things people do are light fireworks and maybe enter the best firework competition. This is where every planet creates a firework to represent that planet and then we light them and see who wins the yearly award.

This month can also come with some incredible food from across the galaxy because everyone shares different dishes on the last day to celebrate how every planet is different but wonderful in its own way. Some examples of what some planets make are: First, on Water Planet they cook their fish once a year. Which, as the name explains, is only born once a year and so this is the greatest thing they have to offer. Second, Fire Planet always creates a dish that is made to be on fire and eaten quickly so it does not burn you; but can also be very spicy and flavorful. Third, Nature Planet has a plant that is hidden far underground where it is very difficult to find but once this month comes it shows up in one spot for people to eat and use in dishes to make everything taste like your favorite food. Even if some foods can be hard to find, they come from a great planet and they always taste delicious everyone every year wants to eat some delicious food that they don’t see every day.

Everyone in my universe is so special and everything we have there is incredible. I started creating this world in my mind when I was 2 or 3. I only saw things I never truly thought about. So, on this day I celebrate everything I have made and everything yet to come. Because we all deserve to be appreciated. So, thank you to all my imaginary friends and everything in my universe.