What Would You Do If You Had A Magic Wand


Sidney and Jaycie turning a person into a poatapple/ potato and pineapple

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

Magic is pretty incredible, because if we saw someone make something float, we would be amazed. So, imagine you had a magic wand. What would you do with it? Would you use it for good or evil? Today I asked Sidney B’Hymer, Cj Elstun and Jaycie Joplin what they would do with a magic wand. 

Sidney answered very quickly and said “ I want to turn everyone into pineapples so I can eat them”, probably don’t give Sidney a magic wand now. 

Cj said “ I would make it so I can shapeshift”. I am now curious to see what he would look like as a dog. Finally, Jaycie said “ she would turn everything into a potato” I hope she doesn’t try to eat people too. 

I think everyone has some interesting ideas of what they would do with magic. Though you know we’ve heard weirder things. So, after hearing other people’s ideas, what would you do with a magic wand?