5 Things to Get You’re Bae on Valentine’s Day

A type of chocolate to get youre bae.

A type of chocolate to get you’re bae.

Brylee Siebuhr, contributor

Have you ever had a bae on Valentine’s day? Well, if you need ideas on what to get your bae, here are some ideas.
One thing you could get your bae is chocolate. Chocolate is an easy but very thoughtful thing to get your bae. You could get your bae an assortment of chocolate like Lindor, Hershey’s, Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, or Reese’s. Surprising your bae on Valentine’s day will make her want you forever. You can surprise her at school, or at their house, and, if you guys are long-distance, you can send it to her and facetime once your bae gets it. Although chocolate might not be the best choice, it is a very delicious and meaningful gift and I think your bae would appreciate anything you get them.
Another great thing you could get your bae for Valentine’s day is flowers. You could get your bae daisies, roses, tulips, peonies, Orchids, lilacs, or blood lilies. When you get your bae flowers, your bae will want to be with you all of the time and your bae will feel very loved and appreciated. When you get your bae flowers you should try and get them their favorite flower. Another good idea is to get a card with it. It would go great and it would be very cute and a great idea because your bae would love it and they would feel loved and appreciated.
One more idea is to get your bae a big teddy bear. You could get one from Walmart or you could go to Build a Bear and get custom bears with your bae. If you didn’t know what build a bear workshop is, it is a place where you can pick out skins and clothes you can record a special message in your own words, and add a personalized sound chip to your stuffed animal, which would make it so special because if you are missing your bae, every time you pressed on the sound chip you could hear their voice and snuggle with it like it is your bae.
Another great idea is matching clothes. Matching clothes are a great idea because you and your bae could match sometimes and everyone would know that you guys belong to each other. Matching clothes are also a very cute idea to do and your bae would love it. If someone gave me matching clothes for Valentine’s day, I would melt. Matching clothes would be good to wear on a day you don’t have school, so you could watch movies and take pictures together and you guys could hang out all day. You could also wear your matching clothes to school. It would be very cute and you would get a lot of compliments, and, personally, I think your bae would love it.
My last great idea is to get your bae shoes. You could get your bae Crocs, Dunks, Uggs, or slides. You could also get your bae matching shoes. I would suggest getting crocs for you and your bae because you can put Jibbitz on them that have meaning. Matching dunks are also a very cute idea. It is more on the expensive side, but it would be a great idea. If you want a cute shoe you could pair with a lot of things, you can also customize your own pair. Uggs are also an amazing idea. I would recommend Ugg’s slippers because they are cute and comfortable. They are on the expensive side, but they are very cute and you can pair and style them with a lot of things. Slides are also an awesome idea because there are lots of different brands and colors. Slides are also very comfortable. But they aren’t great for doing a lot. They are very easy to put on and style.
Valentine’s day is a good holiday. Personally, I like it, but I feel like I enjoyed it a lot more as a kid. Every year on Valentine’s day my mommy gets me and all of my sisters gifts like clothes, candy, shoes, flowers, and big stuffed animals. Even though I never really have a bae on Valentine’s day I love to spend it with my friends and family. So, next time you have a bae on Valentine’s day you have 5 great ideas on what to get them.