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Interview with Amber McFarland

Amber, her husband Ryan, and her twins, Jace on the right and Justin on the left.

Amber, her husband Ryan, and her twins, Jace on the right and Justin on the left.

Amber, her husband Ryan, and her twins, Jace on the right and Justin on the left.

Jenna Brown, Jr. Reporter

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This is an interview for EMS (Emporia Middle School) Sound and I will be asking Amber McFarland some questions about being a Pre-school secretary. I picked Amber because my mom and her have been friends for a long time and I want to know what it is like to be a secretary. This took 43 emails to make up the interview. 


JB:Why did you want to be a secretary?

AM:”I like helping others, mostly.”

JB:Why did you choose to be a secretary?

AM: “I feel comfortable working in an office setting, due to my previous jobs.”

JB:Why did you choose pre-school?

AM: “Honestly, I kind of walked into my job. My twins had gone to school there for 2 years previously and when the secretary announced she was retiring and the job opening was posted, I decided to apply. I pretty much knew all of the teachers and staff there and thought if I got the job, that I would be a good fit.”

JB: What software programs do you use on a daily basis?

AM:On a Daily basis, I use Powerschool, Gmail, AESOP, Skyward, Google Sheets, Google Docs and School Messenger.

JB: I use Powerschool also. Do you plan any meetings if so is it hard?

AM: “I do have to arrange meetings and lunches sometimes, but not very often. I wouldn’t say it’s hard, but since I don’t have access to everyone’s calendars, it is time consuming. Trying to catch everyone that needs to be in on the meeting seems near impossible sometimes. What do you do in powerschool?”

JB: Check grades, tardies, and attendance.

JB:How do you organize your work?

AM:”I had to come up with a routine for myself on what needed to be done and when. I have prioritized it by making many lists and marking things off as I get them done. Other than lists, I have hanging files with labels in my drawers so I know where things are (most of the time) and several trays on my desk that are labeled as well.”

JB:What are your strengths and weaknesses?

AM:”Oh, I don’t like this one!! 🙂


I take things too personal when I shouldn’t. I don’t know Spanish, therefore have to get a translator. I always want to finish everything in my daily tasks, even if it means I don’t leave on time. I am not confident in telling people no, due to not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings or making them upset, even if it causes more work for me. Being too critical of myself.


Good at multi-tasking


Quick learner

Willing to jump in and help any way needed


Determined to do my very best

Dedicated to my job and those I work with

Good listener


JB: I have a lot of those strengths too.

AM: “I can see those strengths in you too J!” (Her nickname for me).

JB: What do you do as a secretary?

AM: “Greet People as they enter the building, attendance, forms and letters, meetings, check students in and out of class, order supplies, answer the phones and route the calls to the proper person, fax/scan documents, make copies, make forms and, write letters. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.Another thing that I have to do is find subs for teachers and paras. This is one part of my job that I don’t like.”

JB: Do you multitask?

AM:”I do multi-task. It gets tricky sometimes, depending on what is going on in my office. If people are talking in the background and I have a phone call and someone standing waiting on me, it can get a bit overwhelming.”

JB: Do you prefer working alone or with other people?

AM:”Depends on the project I am working on. I really like working with people, but sometimes I find it easier to do something and get it done myself, rather than having to depend on others to help me.”

JB: I like working with others when there is something I don’t understand, but if it’s something that I do understand than, I like to work on my own. Thank you for your time.

AM: “No Problem!!”


In conclusion, I did not know what Amber McFarland’s strengths and weaknesses were so I learned that. If I was a secretary I would like order supplies but I would not like making phone calls, a lot of paper work. Its important to have a secretary because who would do paper work and make the phone calls.

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Interview with Amber McFarland