My Favorite Childhood Show


What the TV in my parents room would have looked like when I was little.

Lucia Hernandez, Contributor

I think one of the best things I remember about being a child were the shows I watched. Looking back at them gets me really nostalgic, and I remember how carefree I was when I was young. I remember how I would watch this specific channel with my dad and sister in my parent’s room. The channel was called Cbeebies. My all time favorite show was called In The Night Garden. It takes place in a child’s dream with all kinds of cool characters. There was Makka Pakka, IgglePiggle, Upsy Daisy, Tombliboo Unn, Tombliboo Ooo, and Tombliboo Eee. They were always in a forest and they would occasionally ride a small train that they had to shrink to get in. They were all very nice to each other and would always get along. I like to think it’s a reflection on how friends should be in real life. Go watch an old show you used to watch, try to remember what your childhood was like.