National Brylee Day


This is Brylee with her friend Mariyah

Brylee Siebuhr, contributor

Have you ever met a girl named Brylee Siebuhr? Well, if you haven’t she would be a great person to celebrate on a holiday . National Brylee Day would be on April 17th because it is also blah blah blah day. And, personally, I think that suits Brylee very well. On national Brylee Day you would eat chicken alfredo and drink Dr. Pepper. You would also watch movies, wear hoodies all day, and just have a relaxed day. Stores will be open from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm, so workers could also have a break but they would still get paid. National Brylee Day would be a great holiday (in my opinion). If you have ever considered making a holiday, consider making one about Brylee Renee Siebuhr because I think she is amazing.