Is Pixlr Bad Now?


I don’t know, so ask these guys.

Jeremiah Vance, Contributor

Have you ever asked, “Is there something wrong with that new Pixlr update?” Hi, I am here to tell you (again) if Pixlr is any good. I am mostly talking about its update. So, I want to explore this update and see how bad it is.

The first big thing I want to talk about is the saves. Before you could have infinite saves (it’s now 3 MAX per day). Infinite saves for $0.00 is one of the things that made me want to use it. And the three-save limit is one of the biggest things that made me almost stop using Pixlr. Having three saves is bad because now you can’t finish your 15 save projects in 1 day.

Another reason why I feel like it is worse than before…ADS! They are annoying and they are everywhere. They didn’t have ads on Pixlr before the update. And now you have to pay every month to get rid of them. And having ads either means a company wants more money for their work, or they are greedy as they probably got enough money to feed all of world hunger.

And now it is time for the biggest rat in the wonderland. Premium. It is the biggest and worst thing about Pixlr, making it way more expensive than before. The prices per month are: $0.75 for no ads, $4.90 for no ads and premium-only stuff, and $9.91 per month to maybe collaborate. And needing to pay for this FREE app and also it’s not like it’s saving anything as it is not important to need.

I feel like the old Pixlr is still there, but just like a cloud of what it was. But still, even with the three saves and ads now, it is still a good photo editor. The biggest good thing is that it is still mostly free… even though it is more greedy. If you think “oh it’s not that bad” then check it out as I am probably overreacting.