Deer With Gerek Reber

deer in the tall grass

deer in the tall grass

Maddex Gurley, contributer

When you look in a field, what do you see, a deer. This is a story about them.I have a special guest named Gerek Reber. He is a pro hunter that has been to so many places to hunt. He also Works for his dad who is a deer breeder. Gerek knows a bunch about deers.

Here is information about deer’s food.

Q. When do deer mainly eat?
A. Evening and early morning normally.

Q. What do they eat?
A. They eat crops like corn, beans, and wheat.

Q. Do they share food, and what do they do if they don’t?
A. Yes. They share food because it is the whole field. They can’t eat it all.

Q. Have you seen a deer eat? What was it like?
A. Yes, I have seen a deer eat. Once in a while they look up for predators.

Q. How much food does a deer eat at one time?
A. I have no clue.

Let’s move on to what a deer’s habitat is

Q Do deer like cold weather?
A Yeah. They like cold weather because in the summer they get hot.

Q Do deer like warm weather and why?
A. They like colder climates like 50s to 20s.

Q. Do they have nests or do they lie down on the floor?
A. They lay on the floor because they can’t climb trees

Q. Do deer keep their children for a long time or a short time and do they sleep with each other?
A. Well, they keep them until they are a yearling, but they hang out because they stay in the same herd. I don’t know. It’s complicated.

Q. When deer sleep do they lay on their side or their stomach?
A. They lie on their stomach.

These next questions are about deer behaviors

Q. Are deer mean and why?
A. They are not mean at all, they are friendly.

Q Are deer brave and why?
A Yes, because they still go out to eat with predators watching them.

Q Do deer like each other? How do they act by other deer?
A Yeah, because they mosey around and they’re in the same herd.

Qare deer loyal and why
A Yeah. They are because they are in the same herd like I said earlier.

Q Do deer let their kids die and why?
A No, because they are their kids.

Oh deer! I ran out of ideas. Thank you, Gerek, for coming down and doing this interview for me. If you want more stories like this, go to my profile and check out some of my other stories about animals and more.