Why Friends Are Important


My Friends

CJ Elstun, Contributor

Friends are important in life. Friends are there to cheer you up when you are upset. Friends are there to give you entertainment. I asked some people why friends are important to them.

If you didn’t have friends what would you do? Sidney said, “I will have to find new ways to play sports.”
What fun things do you do with your friends? Lucia said, “Play Roblox.”
How many friends do you have? Brylee said, “Too many to count.”
Do you trust your friends, why? Jaycie said, “Yes because they make me laugh and they help me when I’m crying, and they also pay attention to me.”
Why are your friends important? Jackson said, “They help me not be depressed and lonely all the time.

There you have it folks. That’s why friends are important. If you ever need a friend, you can always come and talk to me. 🙂