Best game to play on your Chromebook


This is what slope looks like

Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

Have you ever finished your work during class and don’t know what to do with your free time? Here are some good games to play to take up some time.


Shell Shockers- Shell shockers is a shooting game where you play as eggs. There are many different maps that you can play on and a few different types of games you can play.


Hangman- This is a classic game to play on your computer. You can play against different people or by yourself. You have 7 balloons (so seven guesses) if you get a letter wrong you lose a balloon. If you get it right it will show where the letter goes.


Slope- On slope you try to dodge different objects, and as you progress further you start to speed up. You steer using the arrow keys or a/d.

Even though playing games is fun, you should always finish your work before playing any games. If you would like to play these games, here are the links. Slope Hangman Shell Shockers.