Is Photopea The New King?


I Don’t Know… Is It?

Jeremiah Vance, Contributor

“And just like that, Pixlr was left in the dust while Photopea is the new king”. I am here to tell you why I changed my thoughts on Pixlr and am now switching to Photopea. And before we start, I need to talk about the last story. Now I talked about why Pixlr was bad but how it had redeemed itself and is a bit better. Even then I found Photopea and found it quite awesome. 

First I’ll talk about cool tools on Photopea and what they can do! Now, we all know what the brush does and so we also know how the eraser works as it is the same. However, another cool tool that I know of is an entirely new tool! It is the path tool that can make all of your text look different with a shape or a bit of drawing. And you can also just make things into the shape of well… a shape. It is called a clipping mask that can do that, and you can even adjust its location in the shape. 

There are some new interesting things that I also want to go over. Like how you can literally put code with your image. By that I mean you can code something to help make an image or say something in a white box like “Hello World!” I said to myself as I found this out, “And just like that, Pixlr was left in the dust while Photopea is the new king”. 

Now that we got that out of the way I should get to the rating. I would put it at a royal 4.749243 out of 5. Because this is MIND-BLOWING compared to Pixlr’s weaker stuff. Now that’s all evidence to say that “Photopea is the new king!” Because of its uniqueness and it is free to use most things! Even Pixlr’s simplicity is not the same. As yes this is tougher than Pixlr but way better for its well… everything. its tools are unique or different from its never seen tools (at least to me) and it’s fun to use-ness. And just like I said you can run script in a photo editor, PHOTO EDITOR now that’s awesome. Now, this is almost the best photo editor ever but at least to me. And if you need to edit a photo try out this one for yourself. And if you like it that much, maybe do what I did and share this nice editor to others. Overall, Photopea is great and (personally) way better than Pixlr in most ways. And if you want to, check it out yourself!