Spirit Olympics


The Spirit Olympics logo

CJ Elstun, Contributor

         I sat at the edge of my seat as they announced who won the Spirit Olympics. This happens every year at EMS. It is the 7th year of the Spirit Olympics. Every single color team has to compete in the great Spirit Olympics. You get to dress up as silly things, play funny games, and just celebrate.


       The Spirit Olympics are hosted by the Student Council. Planning the whole Spirit Olympics is a big deal. From what I know it took two whole months just to get the video done.  What they first did was make notes, then they sent out emails, and after that, they pieced it together. With a little help from a teacher, you can show it to the whole school.


        The video was maybe an hour long and consisted of a lot of things. The first things that happened were performances from the choir and Mr. Day who played the national anthem. The next things that happened were ads about things that are happening around the school like the musical. Then we had teacher shoutouts. There were a lot of teachers that got nominated. Then we had games and who won the Spirit Olympics.


After the Spirit Olympics, we had another video we had to watch that released who won the Spirit Olympics. Silver Team Won! When it got released, everyone in the silver team hallway burst out of their classrooms. You could hear screaming from the Big red wall. They put the camera in the hallway and you could see smiling and people jumping up and down.


I’m happy that the silver team won. The Spirit Olympics is always a fun time for EMS even if you don’t win. The Spirit Olympics were fun, especially with the planning involved and just celebrating EMS. Without the Spirit Olympics EMS would just be boring. I just can’t wait for next year’s Spirit Olympics.