We Should Use The Rainbow

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

Did you know there is always a rainbow happening somewhere around in the universe? Well, in a magical universe those rainbows can be made of many things like candy, fire, or sometimes just water. Even though we have rainbows made of things, half of the time those things go to waste and so food is wasted, and people who can’t eat sometimes don’t get it. So, we should use the rainbow instead of wasting it. We could use it for food, we could make money out of it, and we can use it as bait for animals that can be hard to catch. I know some of those things may be odd, but here are some reasons why we should use the rainbow.

The first reason is we could make lots of profit by selling candy from the rainbow. According to an article called “Candy Magic” by Everything Candy, “ The candy from a rainbow is 70% better candy than any candy from anywhere else.” This makes sense because it is made from all types of candy that are just magically created and most don’t know how to create such delicious treats. Though there are also rainbows made of fluff, which you could sell to help some hospitals on Teddy planet. According to an article called “Teddy Fluff” by Ted Hospitals, “We run out 50% of the fluff we need to help any teddy that is just pouring out the fluff in just a month”. Then my final example is also on candy planet because even though candy planet has candy, we also have fruit because it’s kind of like anything sweet is over there so we have a rainbow made of fruit. We should sell that fruit since the fruit tastes better than the normal fruit people would love to buy. So start selling things from the rainbow because you could start a business with a lot of things from the rainbow.

The second reason for harvesting rainbows is that you could use them as bait. Animals are really difficult to catch in my universe, so using bait might make it easier so you can get an animal for either dinner or even just to use its body for something. Dragons in the fire world eat fire and so a fire rainbow will attract the dragons and that gives us protection from fire with their scales. According to FireClothes.com, “More than half of the firefighters in this universe use dragon scales for protection” If they don’t have that, they won’t be able to help save people. Then there are also unicorns, who love anything sweet and we use their horns as weapons. According to Imaginary Reporters, “Only few people are able to catch unicorns these days and we may be having a war soon with other people and so we need more people to collect them”. Finally, we also need to start catching griffins for war because we train them to attack and help us fly to high places. So, instead of horses or helicopters, we have griffins. My universe has its needs and this is part of it. We can be a bit dumb, but I finally thought of using bait and that can help us a lot. But we all need to agree on it.

Finally, to my last reason. We are wasting food that other people need but also wasting supplies. On earth, we have a lot of people without a home. Multiplying that population by 10 planets is a huge difference. According to Imaginary News Live, “A quarter of every planet in our universe has people who don’t have homes, don’t eat, and really need help” which means that almost a quarter of our universe is poor and not eating. So, why should we waste all that food when we can also help all those people by giving them the food that they need? We also are wasting supplies that we could use. For example, on fire planets they have fire rainbows that could help whenever any planet is under attack. Like back in 2018 when the whole galaxy was under attack by a great darkness that we barely were able to beat because we almost ran out of bombs to attack them. It can be terrifying for people here sometimes because we never know if anyone is going to attack and so we need to use everything we have.

Rainbows are really interesting in my world and the fact that we have been just letting all that food and supplies go to waste for many years is just sad and terrible when you think of how many it could help save. We don’t even need to be wasting it because we could use it as bait or make a profit out of it. There are so many things that we could do with rainbows and we just let that all go to waste. We need to start using what we have so no one gets hurt or goes hungry. If you have any questions about things you can talk to cuddly because he should have all the answers to any question.