The Worst Part Of Middle School


A picture of Brylee bullying Maddex

CJ Elstun, Contributor

As you walk to class, which is only a few feet away, all of a sudden you drop all of the stuff you carry. No one stops to help you and then the bell rings. You finally get to class when your teacher starts yelling at you to be more responsible.

Don’t you just hate when your teacher is in a bad mood so then they take it out on you? This is one of the worst things about middle school. Another bad thing about middle school is when you have to spit out your gum in a class after you just put it in. One last terrible thing about middle school is bullying. Bullying is more common when you get older because kids are going through changes so they get naturally cranky. I know this story is a little negative, but, overall, middle school isn’t that bad.

There are going to be bad things about middle school but don’t let that affect your overall image of this place.