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Broadway Street

Broadway Street

Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

Did you know that 32 Broadway shows are currently being performed? Many different shows have been performed on Broadway throughout its existence. Some are extremely successful shows that have been performed for a long time. I’m going to tell you about three of them.



Hamilton first premiered on Broadway in August 2015. So that means it’s been performed for 7 years, and they are still selling tickets today. “I really liked how fast they were able to get things done. And also how it looked like the movie.”- Sidney B’hymer said. And the most popular song from Hamilton was Alexander Hamilton, which was written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also played Hamilton in the performances. 


Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia came out in October 2001 on Broadway. They had performed for 14 years before closing in September 2015. Emily Joplin said, “The actors were all great. Afterward, we met most of the actors in the show and were able to get pictures with a lot of them. They were all super nice.” The most popular song in Mamma Mia is “Dancing Queen”, which was made by ABBA and then used in Mamma Mia. 



Wicked came out on Broadway in October 2003. And thankfully they are still performing after 20 years on Broadway. Emily Joplin said “It was really neat being in the theater.  The set decorations were super cool. There was a lot of energy. The acting and singing [were] amazing, same with the live orchestra. It was like what you see in the movies when people go to the theater.” And finally, the most popular song from Wicked was “Defying Gravity” performed by Idina Menzel.


There have been many great Broadway productions that didn’t make the list such as Phantom of the Opera. Here are the links to the songs, “Alexander Hamilton”, “Dancing Queen”, and “Defying Gravity”. And if you would like to see these musicals you can still watch them online even though they are not performing on Broadway.