Marilyn Monroe


This is what Marilyn Monroe looks like

Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

Did you know that even though Marilyn Monroe was a great actor she had problems memorizing lines? Marilyn Monroe was an icon to many. And she was typecast as the dumb blonde in the movies and shows that she was in. And around the time of her death, she had around $800,000 dollars which in today’s money would be about $7.8 million.


Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Mortenson on June 1st, 1926 in Los Angelos, CA. But she changed her birth name, because she reminded an executive of Broadway of Marilyn Miller, and Monroe was her mother’s maiden name. But she was raised by Christian foster parents because her mother was not in the mental state to raise a child. Later she became a ward of the state and allegedly lived with abusive family friends and an orphanage. Monroe recalled, “I didn’t like the world around me because it was kind of grim, but I loved to play house. It was like you could make your own boundaries.”


In 1944 Marilyn had gotten her photo taken in the munition factory where she worked at the time. She quit and became a model against the will of her first husband, James Dougherty. She started to straighten and dye her hair blonde to fit in with the standards of the day. She started to appear more and more in men’s magazines. And then she got a contract with 20th Century Fox and got the name, Marilyn Monroe. And she made at least 43 movies in total.


Multiple box office disappointments and the way Marilyn acted on the set of Something’s Got To Give caused her to get fired on June 8th, 1962 by 20th Century Fox. They said that her constant delays caused them about 2 million dollars and sued her for $500,000. Marilyn didn’t want to end up like her birth mother spending her life in psychiatric clinics, but she couldn’t help it. She checked into Payne Whitney psychiatric clinic where she was locked up in a padded cell and traumatized even more. The doctors there said that she was a “very sick girl.” She went to a different psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson before her death. When Marilyn was found dead they found an empty pill bottle that should have had around 50 pills that were prescribed to her a few days before her death. Marilyn’s housekeeper saw her go into her room around 8 pm and saw that the light was still on at 3 am. She called Greenson, he broke open the door and they saw another 12-15 medicine bottles on her bedside table.

Marilyn Monroe was an icon to many, and her death was a very tragic event in history. I picked Marilyn Monroe to research because she has to be my favorite actress ever and she went through a lot throughout her life. If you are looking for clips of Marilyn Monroe, here are some, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, “I want to marry him for your money”