Are Gif’s Cool?


Are they any good?

Jeremiah Vance, Contributor

”And this just works so well even though it is simple.” I am going to talk about an entirely new subject…gifs. Gifs are videos that repeat with selected images or a video. But first, I’ll get this out of the way quickly. We will be testing a gif maker called It sounds weird but it works really well!

So, first I’ll talk about what kind of gifs it can make. I made a gif with images, and this just works so well even though it is simple. It’s so smooth and I can change the speed of the gif, rotation, or if they loop. And it even has a thing that helps you get a gif going and working. It has some other things from the people that made this gif maker like video to gif maker as well.

Now, let’s move on to how the website looks. It looks a bit shady because it’s simple.  Yes, it is quite plain looking but gets the job done well. It also only has about 2 major ads, one on the bottom of your screen that you can get rid of, and the other to the left. The only two buttons you need to know are the Upload Images button and the Create Gif Animation button. You press those two buttons and you got a gif already.

How can you use gifs? Sometimes you might need a gif to fill out your presentation. I feel like sometimes images are just too little and words are too boring. But gifs keep the viewer’s attention. Gifs are also great for making just for fun and showing your friends. I like to use gifs instead of an image because it changes it up.

Now, is a really decent gif maker. And guess what, I found it like 3rd when I searched up “gif maker”. Still, I liked that they linked websites on their website to help with the things that they can’t do there. Now, if I need to make a gif, I’ll use this one. If you want, you can use this too and see what funny things you can make!