Nurses of EMS


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Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

Chances are you have had to go to the nurse’s office at least once throughout the years you’ve been in school. But have you ever really taken the time to talk to them? I recently got a chance to ask them a few questions and here are their responses
What is your favorite thing about being a nurse?
Mrs. Hernandez: Getting to see different kids every day and making sure everyone is healthy
Mrs. Ochs: Seeing how kids mature from 6th grade to 8th grade
What is the worst thing about being a nurse?
Mrs. Hernandez: Kids who say they are sick and they really aren’t
Mrs. Ochs: Kids that just want out of class
Why did you decide to become a nurse?
Mrs. Hernandez: I just like helping people
Mrs. Ochs: Same as her.
Thank you, Mrs. Ochs and Mrs. Hernandez, you make this school a happier, healthier place.