How I Create My Imaginary Friends


chefy outline

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

“Shhhhk” is how the page sounds when I flip it. I like the main character of this book and now I have an idea. I get my inspiration for imaginary friends from a lot of places, and after I like a character or something I start to create my character. I start making the outline and personality, then create how they look, and finally, I assign them to a planet or I make a planet just for them. Though this process is longer than it sounds, come with me and we will create an imaginary friend.

Step 1 when creating something you need to start with an outline. So outlines are supposed to be basic so in my head, I draw outlines of how they would look like. Soon after that, I created their personality (like basic things of how they would act). But I don’t think too much about it because I like to let them explore their life. I just give them friends and a job to start with, and, as they get older, they realize more about themselves. I can’t really create their whole life but I do like to give them a basic personality that they can build. Also, I can pick how old they are but in reality, they are 1 because they have only been alive for that long. Age can be a confusing thing to pick, but all you need to do is think about their personality because that can give you some clues about how old they would actually be. I haven’t made many people that have babies, but the ones that I have I just made the personality for when they are old enough to match it. So, the first step is done.

Step 2: Actually giving color and talking to them. Now that we got the outline, I start to add color from what I remember. Then, I also talk to them about some things like where they live and what they do. Because the show or book may say things but when I visualize talking to them I feel like adding things to their character to make them a bit more interesting. When doing this, it can be hard to find something to change about the character. So, if you really think they are perfect, then great, but if something is missing then think of some options for them. Narrow it down to 2 and see how their life would be with that. It is also good to make sure that is truly how the person would be like or it fits them because it may change the person in a bad way. Remember, sometimes things are the way they are for a reason and that is why the creator made the person like that. You have now completed step 2.

Step 3 The last thing I do is assign a planet and touch everything up. When assigning a planet, it can be difficult especially when they kind of already have a whole world sorted out. That is why I have tiny planets. I have a couple of mini planets because they are necessary for that person. Then I don’t have to create all the other people there because they come with the planet. Though other people fit in perfectly with one of my planets, like Tinkerbell, she lives on a natural planet for obvious reasons. Now that the planet has been selected or created we just have to go over everything to make sure it is good. Sometimes I find little mistakes but that’s fine because I go over them. Finally, you created your imaginary friend.

I have made many imaginary friends from this because this is my system now. Some examples are Uni and Chefy. They are both very popular celebrities everyone knows in my world. And even though they are only a year old in the real world, Uni is 18 in my universe and Chefy is 13 but still an amazing chef. You should try creating some imaginary friends with this method and tell me who you made famous in your world.