4 Things To Do With Editing Websites!


Say Bye To The Stick Guys!

Jeremiah Vance, Contributor

Do you ever ask the question, “Ok, even though I know what to do to create cool images and gifs, what do I use this for?” Well, this will answer it, since this is my final story ever! So, I will tell you about what to do with the other stories’ information. All I can say to start this is, let’s dig in!


Now the thing I use editing apps for is to share funny images with friends! Because it is nice when you can make something and laugh about it… right? But besides that, it is nice to show what skills you have. Even if they are a bit crummy, you and your friends will still have a laugh.


For personal stuff like stuff for social media. Making a funny profile is always better. How? It is by well… “it just is!” Either way even if it is something personal (or not) it doesn’t matter. Just “go with the flow”. I made my own profile picture but I don’t want to share it. It is still ok!


Another awesome thing you can do is make something for a presentation! Got a font that is not there? Well just put it in as an image. They won’t even notice! That or maybe you, “Need an image NOW!!!” Well now you can make them and they can be exactly as you want it. Besides all of that, it still makes any image look better than normal.


Now this is what inspired me to do/start this. Doing this just for fun! Say you’re bored. You can just hop on and then find an image. Then it gets that brain moving and going. And soon enough, you have an awesome custom-made image!

Those are some cool things you can do. But that is not all you can do. But that is all the ways I’m going to tell you about. But there is one more thing I want to say. And that’s… Have a fun summer! And get out there and change something!