World Studies.


A picture of our WS class

CJ Elstun, Contributor

We have learned a lot this year in WS. When you read this story, buckle up because it’s gonna be bumpy.

Smurfs. Mr. Hawley is a secret Smurf spy. If you ever dig deep into the EMS Sound, you will find an interview with facts about Mr. Hawley.

Awesome quotes. If you ever have Mr. Hawley, then you know about his awesome quotes. These can vary from, “Don’t talk about other people.” or, “Everything is a choice.”

HATE. I MEAN HATE PENGUINS. They might seem all innocent and happy, but when you go hug them you expose your abdomen area and then that gives them a chance to hurt you.

I am currently violently sobbing on the inside and I’m going to miss this class whether that’s Jeremiah’s quietness, Sandy Violence, Jackson’s war crimes, Jaycie’s sassiness, Maddex’s super funny personalities, Lucia’s rattiness, and, last but not least, Sidney’s contagious laugh. I didn’t forget about Sam he is just gonna get hurt by my mafia.