3 Things I Learned In World Studies


The entrance to world studies

Sandy Salguero, Contributor

Have you ever heard of a class named World Studies? You may have heard people talk about it or that there in it. While there are only a few people in it you learn a lot from not just the teacher but also some people in there. You will spend so much time with just those people you become close and we all take care of each other but we also bully each other. I want to share with you 3 things I have learned from that class.

I have learned that everything is a choice. We say this a lot in this class and I only started understanding what that meant later on in the year. I learned that it means that no matter what choice we make we ourselves did it and you can’t really blame anyone for it. Like if your parents tell you to do something, they may be angry at you if you don’t but they did not force you to do it. You could have chosen not to and you would have been in trouble but you chose to. No matter what, you are the one choosing these decisions, and no one can truly make you do something.

I also learned everything has a consequence. Whether it is bad or good you will always lose or gain something from that choice. Like if you buy something you will lose the money or the opportunity to get something else but you also get whatever you bought out of it. Or even if you choose to say something you may gain a friend or maybe even lose one or maybe nothing comes from it you just get what you already have. This is why you have to think before making any choices in life, so hopefully, nothing terrible will happen.

The last thing I think about more than ever now is that I should be thankful for what I have. I realized I was born at a good time in life even with covid because some people were there for the dust storm or the great depression. So, I learned to be thankful for everything I have and that I haven’t had anything terrible happen to me yet.

I am so happy to be in world studies and I am so happy that I have all the memories I have. I know that not all of us are perfect at all but I don’t think I could have a better time in any other class.