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The Importance of Language and Literature

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Me are going to tells you about reading. Reading is good. I think you should read books. I like funner books. You should read books because they help you be smart. Me next going to tells you bout righting. Righting is good because then you can become a smarter.

Did reading that paragraph bother you? It most likely did, and there is a reason behind that. Literature and language are very important in society, and I will tell you why. I know, you might be thinking, “This is boring why would I read this? Ugh!” and this is normal, but I think this article might make you think, and maybe you will pay a little more attention in language arts class if you don’t already.

The first reason why literature and language are important is because this includes grammar. One study shows, “For better or worse, people judge you if you can’t tell the difference between their, there, and they’re” (sites.ieee.org). This means that a lot of times, if you are writing a resume or (some other important document), if it is not written properly, then you have basically no chance at that job. On the other hand, having good grammar shows, “Making an impression on customers and colleagues through the usage of proper grammar can help an employee maintain an air of professionalism and can help show others that he really cares about his job and his company’s products or services.” (smallbusiness.chron.com). This means that you will have a better chance of getting a promotion and a good job. Good grammar really can make a difference in the workplace as an adult.

My secondary reason why language and literature are important is because you want to have an extensive vocabulary. Having a lot of terminology will make you seem more creative and unique when you are older. A real life example is creating a title or name. There are a million “Book Stores” but there aren’t a million “Paperback Corner” stores. I mean, would people actually remember your store if it was named something unoriginal? Vocabulary is very important, and often times needs to be extended.

Lastly, literature and language are important because we need to keep old documents and such alive. Shakespeare is a very old kind of literature that is very important to society. This has been the basis for many things such as Broadway shows. Eventually, Shakespeare will probably be either forgotten completely or not known too many people. Latin is the supporting blocks for a lot of languages. This language is extinct, meaning that it is no longer fluently spoken. This is just one of many other examples where we let something very important slip away. We need to make sure that we don’t let any other important pieces of literature slip out of our fingers.

There are many important things in life, but I think that language and literature are definitely one of the most important on the list. Grammar, one part of literature is very important is helping you get jobs. Vocabulary is significant in helping you be unique. Finally, old documents and other important pieces of literature need to be preserved and remembered. Literature and language are very important and we need to make sure that we are aware of that. I hope this made you think about why we need literature and language in society.

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The Importance of Language and Literature