McDonald or Starbucks Hot Chocolate

McDonald vs Starbucks

McDonald vs Starbucks

Leyna Allen, Jr. Reporter

Hot chocolate; who doesn’t like to snuggle up with this hot beverage during the cold winter months? Recently, I went to Starbucks and McDonald’s and ordered their hot chocolate.This is what I thought about them.

McDonald’s hot chocolate has a good taste; it’s creamy but has a weird aftertaste to it like if you brushed your teeth than drank orange juice afterwards.. Starbucks Hot Chocolate ,on the other hand,  has an amazing taste to it.It ‘s rich and creamy and doesn’t have a bad aftertaste. Starbucks also has different toppings to choose from like whipped cream, chocolate chips or chocolate syrup. McDonald’s, unfortunately, does not have the same variety of toppings.

The service at McDonald’s is fast, but sometimes you do have to wait. McDonald’s has good service, but overall Starbucks is better. Both of these resturants has WIFI,but Starbucks has pretty nice tables to sit at. Also, the smell of hot chocolate and coffee literally fills the air.  Starbucks is also a very relaxing place to be in the morning unlike McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Hot Chocolate comes in a cup and a lid. It’s not really the best presentation but it does have a spill-proof lid so I give that a good review. Starbucks has amazing presentation since you can customize what your toppings are. Starbucks makes your hot chocolate look really good.

Overall I prefer Starbucks hot chocolate because you can customize what you want as the toppings and they have amazing customer service. McDonald is alright, but Starbucks has a lot more topping options and I really like toppings on my hot chocolate. Also, Starbucks is a really relaxing place to be in the morning.