Picture taken by, EA Games

Talan Tabares, JR. Reporter

     FIFA 18, is a new game by EA Games. It is a simulated game about soccer. It is on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It is the same game as all of the other FIFA games, but with better graphics and a couple new features like offline ultimate teams.


     I like FIFA because of the graphics and because there is only one other company that makes soccer games. FIFA has very good graphics and has improved since FIFA 17. FIFA 17 is still pretty good but FIFA 18 has better graphics and smoother gameplay. FIFA 18 has some new things that the other FIFA games did not have including new stadiums and celebrations. The celebrations that are in the game are things that the soccer player does in real life. The stadiums have better graphics and a couple new stadiums for certain teams. The new things they have added are cool and I can’t wait to see what the updates bring.


     Whenever I play FIFA 17 or FIFA 18, I usually play the career mode because I enjoy that the most. I like to play the manager mode because I like controlling the team but sometimes I will play the player career. In career mode, there are many teams that you can choose from and many stadiums you can pick. You get to play as the manager that manages the teams. The new transfer system in FIFA 18 allows you to actually talk to the player and his mentor to make deals about contracts.


     Something I did not like so much about the game is that there is not that much stuff to do for somebody that is not so good at the game, like me. I am not that good at FIFA so I do not play ultimate team because that is an online feature. There are only 2 other things you can do. Career mode and playoffs.


     FIFA 18 is a good game that has improved since FIFA 17 and has improved graphics and recent teams. FIFA 18, like all games, has some things that it could fix like more features and some other stuff. FIFA 18 is one of the only soccer game series and I enjoy playing it.