Do Violent Video games Make Children That Play Them Violent?


Picture taken by; Daily Mirror

Talan Tabares, JR.Reporter

Do violent video games make younger children violent? This is the popular question that is asked many times by adults and kids all over the world.  It is also the reason that some kids are not allowed to play violent games. I do not believe that they do because, though there are some cases of kids being violent because of videogames, it is very unlikely that video games make children violent. There is not much correlation between violent video games and violent kids. also there are lots of studies that show that violent video games do not have to do with violent children. There are also some cases where violent video games helped children to save people’s lives and save their own lives.


There is no correlation between violent video games and violent children. Violent video games affect children just as much as non-violent video games according to my research. Also being affected by video games is more how long you play them than how violent the video game is. One study says “that children that play for less than an hour are smarter than children that don’t play video games at all”(HuffingtonPost 1).


Also because violent video games and video games in general can help children. For children that are already violent and play with knives, it gets them to stay home and play video games; rather than to go out and do violent activity. Also, violent video games can let children release anger on the video games instead of in real life. According to an article, “violence in video games would not automatically transfer from a screen into a kids brain to make them do violent things”( 1).


Another reason is that some kids get affected positively from video games. Children that play video games online can get better social skills from playing with their online friends.  Video games can help kids with their anxiety and their moods. Video games can give you a sense of accomplishment when you do something and gives you a better mood. Kids can also get survival skills or learn how to do something from video games.


Overall, violent video games do not make children violent that play them. There are studies that show this. There are also ways that video games help children, and not many links to violence in video games and violent children. Do you play violent video games? Do you go around carjacking people from violent video games?  Let’s use common sense and let kids play whatever they want.