Books Vs. Movies


Cadence Butler, Reporter

Have you ever read a book and was totally excited because you saw a movie trailer for it? But then saw the movie and was like . . . “THAT WAS NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK”. Well I’m here to tell you some of the differences between reading books and watching the movie.  

What I like best about reading the books vs. watching the movies is that the books will give out more details about what’s happening, but in the movies, all you know is what they show you. Books will tell you what the characters are thinking, what their motives are, and what they cut out of the movie if you pay close enough attention. In the movie, they will cut out parts they think are either not important or won’t make a good scene. However, in the books you know that that’s what the author wanted to happen and know that it happens for a reason.

Another thing that I like about books are that you know what the characters are supposed to look like. Have you ever watched a movie and been like “Wait a second, that’s not what they’re supposed to look like!”. With books, the character’s characteristics will help the book in some way. One example is in Divergent, Christina was supposed to be tall, but in the movie she was short while Tris was tall and it totally made me mad.

What I hate about the movies is that the higher ups will change stuff about the book and put in different stuff or just completely ignore points in the plot that tie everything together. Some movies with different endings than their books are The Lorax, Forest Gump, Who Censored Roger Rabbit is the inspiration of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I am Legend, and Jurassic Park. Those are just some of the most famous movies with different ending from their books that I can think of. Some books that are way better than their movies. Such as The Cat In The Hat (book: 4/5 movie: 2/5), The Hunger Games (book: 4.5/5 movie: 3.5/5), Percy Jackson and The Olympians series (even though only the first two movies are out) (books: 4.5/5 movie: 1/5), and The Divergent series (book: 4/5 movie: -1/5).

For these reasons I believe that books are better than their movies. Obviously, there are movies that are better than their books, but for me, the books are almost always better. Whats your opinion?