5 Easy Pranks For Kids


Cadence Butler, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to pull a prank but decided not to because it was too hard or dangerous? Well, I have some pranks that might be up your alley. 5 Easy Pranks For Kids. Don’t get all mad about the kids part; focus on the easy part.

  1. Feather And Shaving Cream

Find someone (Random stranger or someone you know, it doesn’t matter) who is sleeping. Put anything with a foamy substance such as shaving cream, cool whip, or whipped cream in their hand. Lightly touch their face with a feather or a finger. Lightly. And WHAM shaving cream in the face. They will most likely wake, so be prepared to run.

  1. Toothpaste In Oreos

Acquire Oreos. First, twist open Oreos. Then, scrape off cream or you can eat it. Next, you squeeze on the toothpaste. Not a lot. Use the other half of the Oreo to smooth the toothpaste out. Feed ‘em to your parents and watch them gag. You don’t have to do this prank to all of the Oreos. Don’t take the cream out of all of them, there is a difference between mean and funny. 

  1. Tape On The Bottom Of A Computer Mouse

This is a really easy prank to pull. All you need is tape, a computer mouse, and an unsuspecting person. You know that light on the bottom of the mouse? Put tape over it. Once that’s done their computer mouse won’t work until the tape is off.

  1. Super Glue A Coin To The Floor

Don’t do this in your house. Just Don’t. You’ll never be able to get it off. You should do it on the sidewalk. In some public area. Definitely not in school (because of the cameras and snitches). First, put superglue on the back of a coin then put the side with the superglue on the ground. Stand around and watch some idiot who is furiously trying to get the coin off the ground.

  1. Mentos In Ice Cubes

Get an empty ice container. the one with the lots of squares. Put in the Mentos and cover them with water. Put them in the freezer and wait. Once they’re done freezing get out glasses and serve them. After about five to fifteen minutes (depending on how hot the day is) their pop (or another drink with carbonation) should start to fizz or explode. Be prepared for a freakout.

That’s all I have for today. I hope you liked my 5 Easy Pranks For Kids. If I didn’t have something that you thought of, my sincerest apologies. maybe next time. Remember, Mentos in ice cubes, superglue a coin to the floor, tape on the bottom of a computer mouse, toothpaste in Oreos, and the feather and shaving cream are some of the easiest pranks out there. So try them and have fun!