Women Deserve Equal Rights



Females of all ages should have equal access to education. Many girls and women don’t have access to education. All around the world an estimated 130 million girls are not in school and 2/3 of the illiterate people are female. Female educations will allow those women to change their laws and influence their government everywhere. In addition to that, education gives women more money and control over their lives. Plus, education allows women to escape violence such as verbal, sexual, and domestic. Sadly, every five minutes, a girl dies due to violence.

Educated women can change laws and impact their government immensely. Children of educated mothers are more likely to go to school and have higher levels of educational achievements.  More educated women in struggling communities can help improve their community’s economic future. One quote on female empowerment is by Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka who states, “There is already enough evidence in the world to show the positive impact of women’s leadership. Women have successfully built and run countries and cities, economies and formidable institutions.” That just proves that in government positions women are shown to promote children’s rights, speak up more for the community interests, and to promote women’s rights.

Schooled women have more money and control over their lives. Educated women are more cautious about money and are better money managers. An estimate of 31 million girls in the world, are not in elementary school, an estimated 30% of women over the age of 65 are illiterate. 469 million women are illiterate, women made up more than half the illiterate population in all regions of the world. Based on what I read, “Women work longer hours than men—an average of 30 minutes a day longer in developed countries and 50 minutes in developing countries” (The World’s Women). Yet women still get paid less than men. For every dollar a man makes the woman with the same position of him makes 79 cents of that dollar.

Education allows women to escape violence. Educated women are more likely to leave an abusive partner. If a woman’s partner was abusive, the woman could leave her partner and essentially take care of herself. E.x., find a home, support herself, get a good job, start investing on her own retirement, and not be dependent on someone else. According to IFL Science, “A child born to a mother who can read is 50 percent more likely to survive past age 5. On top of that, educated women are less likely to marry early and more likely to have smaller, healthier families. In turn, they’re then more likely to send their children to school”. A benefit of girls going to school is that education has a positive effect against domestic violence, rape, child marriage, and early pregnancies.  

Females of all ages should have equal access to education. More educated women will change the world as a whole, because education allows women to escape violence, schooled women have more money and control over their lives, and educated women can change laws and impact their government for the greater good. Here are some links to read more about women and how they should have access to education!