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Sydney Douglas, Beat Reporter

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How to Make Oreo Truffles

The steps of making the Oreo truffles (Aish Cooks)

The holidays are approaching which causes family and friends to visit each other and get caught up.  What will you bring to your relatives to eat?  I found this amazing recipe that the whole family will devoure: Oreo truffles.

The first step, is to go to the store and buy the ingredients that you will need.  The ingredients are: one box of original Oreos, one package of brick cream cheese, and the chocolate of your choice (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or semi sweet).  (My family and I prefer the semi sweet, but it’s what you like).  All of these ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.

Next, mix one softened package of brick cream cheese and 3 cups of crushed Oreos together until smooth. To soften the cream cheese just set it on your counter for a bit (should not be melted).  An estimated three cups of Oreos was about 40 to 48 Oreos. When mixing you could use a spoon or an electric mixer, the spoon doesn’t make as big of a mess as a mixer would.

After that, take the batter and make 1 inch round balls. To make the batter round use a spoon, your hands, or a cookie scoop (I found the small cookie scoop at Hobby Lobby).  Don’t make the truffles to large or else they won’t be bite size and will be really rich (I know this from experience). The batter makes about 48 truffles (differs on the size).


Once you shaped all the truffles, melt the chocolate of your choice until the chocolate has a liquid consistency (start off with 35 seconds and then 15 seconds).  I wouldn’t try to melt the chocolate on the stove because the chocolate will get burnt.  Then, dip the Oreo truffles into the chocolate and place the truffles onto a baking sheet with wax paper.  You can also add leftover crushed Oreos or sprinkles.   It may take a couple tries to make the truffles look pleasing, but you’ll get the hang of it.

After this, place the baking sheet with the truffles into the fridge for about an hour (or until hardened).  They don’t have to be frozen but not doughy.  To tell if the truffles are hardened enough stick a toothpick into one and when it comes out the toothpick should be mostly dry.

This last step is optional, but take the leftover chocolate and drizzle it onto the truffles, and let dry.  The same color of chocolate might not show that well.  To make the decorations show, melt a different color of chocolate and then drizzle.  Or get creative with the chocolate drizzle, by adding polka dots, or cute doodles.  If you can’t think of anything, the internet may help you with finding ways to decorate the truffles.  Here’s a website that has cute ideas to decorate the truffles that sometime I would like to try (Decoration Idea).

These Oreo truffles will impress your guests, leaving them wanting more truffles.  I don’t really even like Oreos that much and I love these truffles.  This recipe is easy, and buying the ingredients won’t, “burn a hole” in your wallet!