BIG Question: Why Is There More Static In The Winter?

Your hair might go crazy because of the static in the air! Source:

Your hair might go crazy because of the static in the air! Source:

Lenia Crouch, Senior Reporter

The weather has been chilly lately here in Emporia, and that means taking certain steps to stay warm, such as wearing a coat. When you take your coat off, you might notice some static electricity. It is never noticeable in the other seasons, but only in the winter. I have always wondered why this happens, and I’ve assumed others did too. I did some research and found an answer to this question. It actually might surprise you! 

The main reason why there is more static is the heaters in our home. When we turn them on, they heat the air. But this also means they are sucking moisture out of the air. Static electricity is happening constantly around us, every day. We just don’t find it to be as much of an annoyance during the other times of the year. Scientifically, static electricity is basically just when electrons in atoms are passed around. The electrons being passed are positively charged, and the ones already in the atom receiving are negatively charged, and when they come near each other, ZAP! They react.

Some simple solutions include:

Using dryer sheets when you do laundry

Getting a humidifier

Keeping your skin moisturized

Add baking soda to your laundry load

Attach a safety pin to the seam in your clothing

I hope this answered your questions about static electricity. Now you know what it is, why there is more of it in the winter, and some quick ways to help prevent it. Now you can live ZAP free in the winter, and not have to worry about getting “shocked” by your friends.