See You in Tokyo!

This is a lovely picture of the city of Tokyo!!

This is a lovely picture of the city of Tokyo!!

Brooklynn Ruiz, Beat Reporter

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Dear Brooklynn Ruiz,


I heard that you are coming to see me in Tokyo. I don’t think you know my name yet but I’m Zushimoomoome Shidokizi. I live in Tokyo, Japan and I live with the country of over 14,000 people. I also can’t wait to show you our Tokyo Disneyland, Skytree, and our Senso-ji. They are very amazing sights to see!

The sky tree that we have is so big it is 2080 ft tall! It has color, designs, and illumination with it. It had many names but we decided for the whole Tokyo to vote for the names and we decided to pick the Tokyo Skytree. It has many many floors to go to it has a broadcast station, restaurants, and a observation where anyone from anywhere can go to that level and look from inside to the outside. But of course were not broadcasters so you when go eat and look at views.


The Tokyo Disneyland is my best personally you can do so many different rides and they are all different from each other! It’s a 115 acre long theme park of Disney rides, characters, and more! There’s also different parts to the park there’s World Bazaar, Adventureland , WesternLand, Critter Country, Fantasyland, and Toontown. So we can go to many different lands and to play with each other.


Last but not least my family decided to do one more site place that we can go to, so we are going to Senso-ji. It is very beautiful to go see. I been there a couple of times it’s like there’s  a dream I never thought would come to pass. It is the oldest historic temple that we have! There’s sights and stores within it so we thought you would love to learn and see our history since you’re not from here. Once you come here you’ll think your eyes landed before your feet with all of the amazingness that we have. I can’t wait to come here with you it will be awesome!


These places are the main sights that we are going to and we might also go somewhere else just don’t know my ba ba and ma ma is thinking. But I can’t wait to see you and I hope you can come soon to see me and all of the advanced stores and people that we have here! Talk back to you soon!