picture of one of Singapores major cities

picture of one of Singapore’s major cities

Talan Tabares, Reporter

Dear 7th grader visiting singapore,


Singapore is located in the southern parts of asia and is many islands. The people here speak 4 languages, english, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. They use these daily and have to do with where the country is located. This can suck if you do not know these languages because these people will not understand you unless they know english. Singapore is split up into many islands and has many waterfalls and springs. The tallest one is 100 ft which is very tall. The water that is drank in singapore is recycled from the sinks of other people’s homes which sounds disgusting but is not that bad.


Singapore is a city and a country, making it kind of confusing to understand for some people. Singapore is located in the southern parts of asia kind of on a peninsula like Florida. There are many islands in Singapore and boat traveling is common. Singapore the city is located in the middle of Singapore and is a pretty big city. There are many different towns in Singapore even though the country Singapore is not that large. There are many springs in Singapore that are tourist attractions and very popular even though it is very hot in these springs.


The four major languages of singapore; english, mandarin, malay and tamil, are used in different various parts of the islands in singapore. English is the language that americans like you speak mostly. Mandarin is a type of chinese that is used alot in Singapore. Malay is a language mostly used in Malaysia and is also common because many tourists come from Malaysia. Tamil is used in the state of Tamil and is not as common.


The islands of Singapore have many different names. The islands are mostly shopping islands used for malls and shops. Shopping is like a religion to people in Singapore. People go shopping everyday to get new stuff even if they do not need it. People buy lots of things from new clothes to toys everyday.


The people of Singapore do many things like shopping and tourist attractions and some weird things to other nations. They recycle used water from people’s sinks and other things. This is a part of how we live and I hope that you enjoyed me telling you about Singapore.


Sincerely, Singapore 7th grader