Top 5 Christmas Songs

Leyna Allen, Jr. Reporter

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Christmas songs; who doesn’t like to get into the spirit of Christmas by listening to Christmas music? I looked at the Top 5 Christmas Songs of 2017 and this is what I found. Have fun!


#5: “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”,sung by Andy Williams

Now, I wasn’t that surprised that this song made the Top 5 because it is a Christmas favorite in my house during the holidays. An interesting fact about this song is that George Wyle and Eddie Pola wrote this song specifically for Andy Williams for his show and album.  According to Songfact,” George Wyle and Eddie Pola actually wasn’t going to create or even fund it, but Andy Williams bribed him and it ended up as a Christmas favorite”.


#4: “A Holly Jolly Christmas” sung by Burl Ives

I was stunned that this song was topped #4 on Christmas songs. The singer I had to look up, but according to Songfacts,” Burl Ives was a successful stage and screen actor”. Besides that, Burl Ives’s version of this song has been a lot of movies such as “The Ref” (1994), “The Family Man” (200), and “Bad Santa” (2003).


#3: “Jingle Bell Rock” sung by Bobby Helemes

I was kind of disappointed that this song was charted 3 on the Top Christmas Songs because it’s one of my favorite songs for Christmas! According to, “Although this was released only two days before Christmas in 1957, the single still hit #6 on the pop chart”.


#2 “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” – Brenda Lee

When I saw this charted as #2 it wasn’t a real surprise. This song is written by Johnny Marks who asked Brenda Lee to sing this Christmas song. This album was released in 1958 and has been a Christmas favorite for a couple of decades now! A couple other celebrities (like Kelly Clarkson) have sang this song, but I prefer the original.

#1 “All I Want for Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey

Last, but certainly not least this song. Mariah Carey Christmas song has been on the #1 Hits for over 5 years. Now this shouldn’t surprise you. This song has a bunch of features to it that makes it so great. For instance, Mariah Carey’s voice is just divine to listen to, the music is very moving, and it’s kind of a Christmas romance.

What was your favorite Christmas song out of this list? Tell us in the comments below what is your favorite Christmas song. Hope you enjoyed this list!