Amazing Animals: 10 Weird Lookin’ Animals


All of the pictures below do not belong to me.

Cadence Butler, Beat Reporter

I have always loved animals. No matter how ugly, weird, or nasty they are, I love them. This list is about Ten Weird Animals. These animals could look weird, could be plain ugly, could do something weird, or just make me laugh.


  1. Axolotl

An Axolotl is a cute amphibian that inhabits the waters of Mexico City, Lake Xochimilco, and Lake Chalco. While they can be pets, they are critically endangered and need isolation instead of human encounters.


  1. Aye-aye

An Aye-aye is an omnivorous lemur that is native to Madagascar. Aye-ayes are mostly known because of their strange appearances.


  1. California Condor

The California Condor has a wingspan of up to 3 meters (almost 10 ft.) and can fly up to 15,000 feet in the sky searching for food.


  1. Naked Mole-Rat

The Naked Mole-Rat is, obviously, a rodent. Naked Mole-Rats can close their lips behind their teeth so that dirt doesn’t get into it’s mouth. Naked Mole-Rats (at least several dozen) live in underground colonies with their “Queen”.


  1. Blobfish

The Blobfish you know looks like this. But that is only because once it is fished out of the depths of approximately 4,000 ft. below the surface. The water pressure pushing down on the Blobfish turns the Blobfish into a mass of gelatin. They weigh slightly less than the water which allows them to float without the Blobfish having to waste energy on trying to stay afloat.  Here is a picture of the real Blobfish.


  1. Bubble Eye Goldfish

The Bubble Eye Goldfish is a type of  Goldfish with fluid-filled sacs around their upturned eyes. They can come in colors of red, blue, chocolate, black, and calico.


  1. Proboscis Monkey

The Proboscis Monkey (or long nosed monkey) is an arboreal (meaning that they live in trees) primate. Proboscis Monkeys are native to the island of Borneo.


  1. Giant Isopod

Have you seen a pill bug (a roly poly)? Than Giant Isopods are their giant crustaceous cousins. Giant Isopods are found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. Giant Isopods have four pairs of jaws that totally destroy their prey. They will usually eat whatever they can find since the Giant Isopod crawls around on the ocean floors scavenging the dead carcasses of dead squids, whales, sharks, etc.


  1. Lamprey

Here is a close up of the Lamprey’s suction cup like mouth that attaches itself to bigger animals and digs out portions of meat from its prey. Lamprey are actually jawless. Lamprey bites have been found on all sorts of aquatic wildlife including many species of fish, dolphins, sharks, and whales.  


  1. Tube Nosed Fruit Bat

The Eastern Tube-Nosed Bat is a type of megabat and lives in Northeastern Australia. Their species is listed as Vulnerable and which means that the species could use some help.


Thank you for reading my story about Ten Weird Lookin’ Animals. Do some research about the animals that you find weird so that you can be full of fun stuff!