Dark Souls lll Review

Dark Souls lll Review

Talan Tabares, Reporter

Today I am going to review maybe one of the most triggering games, Dark Souls lll. Dark Souls lll might not be a game that people talk about in school, because it is just not popular but I really love this game which is giving me a reason to review it. This is a really fun game that I play all the time. This game is on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and is a fantasy roleplaying game. This game came out March 24, 2016.


A thing that I like about this game is the challenge. This game is probably one of the most challenging games you will ever play because of the way it is made. This game does not hold your hand at all right from the beginning giving new players a challenging start. The game may get easier or harder as you progress, depending on how quick you get a hang of the game. The games mechanics are different than most games  like Call Of Duty making it hard to get the controls down and figure out how to do most of the things that you are able to do in Dark Souls lll.


Another thing that I like about Dark Souls lll is how you get to create your character, magic based, heavy armor which gives you a lot of protection and heavy weapons or fast attacking weapons. This is something that really gives this game replayability and though I have not played more than one character style but I am going to do this so that I can enjoy the game through a whole other aspect. This game has character customization like most RPG games and gives you many options to customize your appearance.  


I really like  the boss fights in Dark Souls lll. This is a fantasy game so there are going to be boss fights and I love how the boss fights are set up. All of the bosses have their own storyline and some of them are optional. There are 19 boss fights in Dark Souls lll that are all unique in their own way. Some of the bosses are optional which gives you a choice to fight them or not. Most of the bosses have these things called phases. A phase means different stages in the fight, phase one being the beginning and phase two being after you fight it for a little bit and is harder to beat.


There you have it, Dark Souls lll. I do not have anything bad to say about this game besides how bad the frames per second is on Xbox One, but I could not support it enough for a paragraph. I hope that this review makes you wanna play Dark Souls lll because it is very fun. Be careful though, it is very challenging.