Allons-y Avec Leyna: Food in Paris-Nourriture à Paris

Eiffel Tower in the Fall

Leyna Allen, Reporter

            Just imagine that you are walking down the busy streets of Paris, seeing all the sights and enjoying the Parisian culture. Suddenly, your stomach starts to growl and you have no idea what to eat at the nearest restaurant! Today I will be sharing with you the Top 5 foods you should order at a restaurant in Paris.

#5 Baguette:

           A baguette is a long, thin loaf of french bread that is commonly used to eat with brie and is made from a lean dough. You can get this bread at any bakery in Paris but the best place to go is a bakery called “Les Gourmandises d’Eiffel”. Make sure to tear off a still-warmed tip and eat it on the way out. This is the Parisian way of showing the restaurant or bakery that you enjoyed it.

#4 Croque-monsieur

         This dish is a baked or fried boiled ham and cheese sandwich. It is typically eaten for a snack. This dish name is kind of interesting it means “crunch mister”. If you are extremely hungry you can order a Croque Madame, which is the same dish but with an egg on top.

#3 Macarons

This pastry is created by two almond meringue glued together with either a buttercream or gauche. This dessert is the capital of all desserts in Paris and still continues to take number one on best desserts in all of Paris. When you make this dessert you can make them any color, this makes them perfect for parties or any occasion. 

#2 Duck Confit

If you enjoy duck, then you will enjoy this dish. It consists of duck thigh that marinated in its own fats until tender. The duck is then served on a plate with pommes sarladaises which is garlic potatoes sauteed in the duck fats.

#1 Escargot

If you want to get adventurous get this dish. This dish consists of delicious……snails! Yes, I said snails. This dish is cooked land snail with garnish and is usually served as a starter in France. My opinion is that Escargot is actually not bad, so I encourage you to try this out.

So whenever you walk down the streets of Paris or you go to a restaurant that serves Parisian food you know what to get. So go explore the different types of food of Paris. Here are links to the recipes to make these.


Croque Monsieur


Duck Confit