Allons-y Azec Leyna:Person in Paris



Leyna Allen, Reporter

Today I interviewed a teacher from the Emporia Middle School, Alizon Roth. I asked her about her experiences in Paris. This is what she said.


How many times have you gone to Paris?

At least 5 times.


Why did you go to Paris?

To visit the sights while I was in Europe.


Where are some of the places you went?

I went to the Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Bridge of Sorrows, and the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Who did you go with?


I didn’t go with anyone the first time, but I did go with my best friends sister-in-law and maybe a group of friends.


What was your favorite part?

My favorite part had to be the artwork, the food was close but I loved  the artwork, so I would say the artwork.


Where would suggest to go for 1st timers?

I would go to the Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur , but then i would go to the Louvre for the rest of the day.


Was it crowded?

People are everywhere, you can hear every language while you are walking down the streets. It’s crowded!


What type of food did you eat?

Croissants, and anything from a bakery. I tried cheeses, went to fancy restaurants where I was served a pasta with muscles and a special. Deserts just any of them. A lot of street food, We tried everything.

Did you go shopping?

I also went shopping which was alright but, the lady wasn’t really that nice. I wanted to stay with the fashion trend in Paris so I went shopping (also just wanted some clothes from Paris)!


When did you learn to speak French?

I learned french in High School so i already spoke it, only enough though to be a tourist and get around in Paris.


Was the trip expensive?

It wasn’t that expensive when I went because the American Dollar was strong. I was able to get a lot of bang for my a buck.

In conclusion, I hope Miss Alizon Roth encouraged you to travel and explore the Parisian culture. I hope yo enjoyed this article!