Top 6 Tips to Get Better At Rainbow Six Siege

Top 6 Tips to Get Better At Rainbow Six Siege

Talan Tabares, Beat Reporter

Rainbow Six Siege is a popular game that came out on December 1st, 2015. It is a strategy Frames Per Second game that puts you in the place of a counter-terrorist or terrorist trying to do a certain objective and you are against the other team. It is 5 vs. 5 so that it is an even. This game takes skill and there are many things that you have to watch out for that the other team can use to their advantage. I am going to be telling you how to get better at the game and things that you can use to your advantage.



  1. Aim down sight always…   

Aiming down the sight is a must if you want to get the best accuracy with a weapon. Always aim down sight while rounding corners and while moving around unless in a hurry to go somewhere. Some exceptions are if you have a shotgun or if really close range with and enemy.



  1. Take the time to master the maps…

 If you master the maps, you get an automatic advantage over the enemy because you know all of the places where the objective will be, where you can shoot through to get a kill, and where the enemy is going to be hiding. This can really help, and it may make it seem like you are hacking because it looks like you knew where they were and you prefired them. This is very useful.



3. Get better headphones, or turn headphones up…    It is recommended that you get headphones with a 7.1 surround sound because there are many audio cues that can help you get the drop on an enemy that is roaming around. If you cannot afford to get some, just turn your headphones all the way up and listen very carefully for any suspicious noises. If you shoot the glass on a window or if there is glass on the floor, if you or an enemy steps on the glass, it will make noise letting you know where they are if close by.



4. Choose your operators based on team…   You should choose a operator that compliments somebody else like getting a operator with smoke grenades for Glaz. This can help you because it gives you an advantage and a combo that is pretty powerful and hard to beat.



5.   Go for headshots. In a lot of cases, getting a headshot will kill the enemy in one or two shots. This game is more realistic that some other games so you take a lot more damage from bullets than in games like Call Of Duty. Headshots are very deadly and if you have a player with good accuracy and awareness in a game on your team, you will most likely win.



 6.   Set a proper defense…   If you set proper defenses before the round starts, it will give you a good advantage. If you have Castle, you should not use your door barricades on random doors and windows. You should put them strategically where you think that the enemy will push so that you can shut them down. If you have a deployable shield you should put it somewhere where the enemy will not be able to get an angle on you



That’s all the tips that I have to give. These tips can help you to become a very good siege player because of all of the advantages. If you can pull off all of these tips, you will be a top fragger on most of your games. I hope these tips help you become a good player.