50 Fun and Fabulous Facts!


Source: Mop Up Your Mess

Lenia Crouch, Editor

I have always been fascinated with odd and interesting facts, so I decided to tell you some of my favorites! Here are 50 fun and fabulous facts!

  1. Lasagna is going extinct, it will probably disappear by 2025.
  2. The EMS Sound is getting removed next week.
  3. Scientists just found out the world is actually flat.
  4. 1 in 5 people don’t believe in the moon.
  5. Goldfish are starting to turn purple. By 2020 they will all be purple.
  6. You can get eyebrow laser surgery.
  7. If you pour hot sauce in your eyes, they will turn a beautiful red color.
  8. Isaac Newton invented hopscotch.
  9. By law all globes in Australia are displayed upside-down.
  10. Everything made in China is produced by the green fish there.
  11. You are more likely to get stung by a bee in windy weather.
  12. Donkey Kong was based on a true story.
  13. Alvin and the Chipmunks recently retired and have children.
  14. 85% of Americans say that if it were legal they would try cannibalism.
  15. Buffalo live in Kansas.
  16. Penguins are plotting to overthrow humans.
  17. Scientists have successfully made a human clone.
  18. The longest human pregnancy on record was 27 months.
  19. The word apple comes from the latin word meaning “apple”.
  20. Taller people attract 47% less mosquitoes.
  21. George Washington was born albino, but was cured when elected.
  22. The last dinosaur roamed the Earth in 1946.
  23. In Norway pickled herring is an individual food group.
  24. French fries are made from pork in Mongolia.
  25. Moths are unable to fly when it is above 86℉.
  26. Skunks have recently started mauling black bears in Indonesia.
  27. Thomas Edison (among his many other inventions) invented breakdancing.
  28. It is illegal to have a beard longer than 7 inches long.
  29. By 2019 Pizza Hut hopes to focus less on pizza sales, and more on hut business.
  30. 4 out of 5 men have gotten their arm stuck in vending machine.
  31. Teddy Roosevelt was most freckled president.
  32. 30% of women who apply makeup while driving have accidentally ate a tube of lipstick.
  33. In the early 60’s McDonalds asked their customers if they wanted french fries or soup.
  34. Butterflies only eat buttered potatoes.
  35. If you don’t eat or drink anything for one day you will shrivel up and die.
  36. You will eat 7 spiders in your lifetime (they sneak them in your food at Taco Bell).
  37. The Titanic sank because of a whale, not an iceberg.
  38. The original typewriter had 26 different fonts and 10 different ink colors.
  39. M&M’s were chocolate covered peas in the chocolate shortage of 1987.
  40. The Earth spins a different direction every week.
  41. The orange fruit was named after a monkey, not the color.
  42. Teeth are naturally blue, but through breeding they are now white.
  43. Napoleon Bonaparte was only 3’ 14’ tall.
  44. Pineapples grow on trees in South America.
  45. Octopus are 4 times more likely to kill you on land than in the water.
  46. Cat saliva is cleaner than most tap water.
  47. You can use the strings from your socks as floss. It is better for your teeth.
  48. Only 90% of water is wet, dry water is a genetic mutation.
  49. You can tell someone’s mood by their hands, if they have a gun they’re angry.
  50. The world’s peanut supply will run out by 2065.

I hope you enjoyed these 50 fun facts. I always thought there were interesting, and hope you did too. For more reading, you can check out the Weird But True series in the library!




***Disclaimer: all of these facts are not true. Please do not harm yourself or others. Happy April Fool’s!***